Personal Safety Apps For Your Security

Ever feel nervous when you’re walking alone?  Want to feel a little extra sense of security? We all do from time to time and there are some great app options available that  provide some piece of mind.  Of course you should always contact 911 in the event of a true emergency, but these apps are for supplemental support.Free theif

Fox Van Allen of Techlicious reviewed some great personal safety apps in his article  5 Free Personal Safety Apps that Can Call For Help.  Some of those apps include the following:

  • bSafe – This is a free download for Apple iOS and Android.  It can alert your friends or family that you’ve arrived at your destination.  Also it can send info about your changing GPS location and can setup fake phone calls to avoid uncomfortable situations.  It also offers an alarm that can be activated manually or by timer.
  • Bugle – Another free app and it’s available on iTunes.  For iPhone users, it is intended mainly for runners, hikers, cyclists or anyone who may be meeting with a stranger. Users set where and how long they’ll be gone.  If they don’t check in within the time limit, their emergency contacts are alerted immediately.
  • SafeTrek – If you feel you are in an unsafe situation and want to be discreet in alerting help, this app can help.  Just place your thumb on the Safe button, if you are not in need of assistance, just input a code, if you do not, then the police will be contacted for assistance.

Please read about all of the safety apps here.

Stay safe!

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