Keeping Your Day Job While Launching a Startup

When starting a new company, it would be great to stop all other commitments in your life and devote 100% of your time and effort to your new startup. Ideally one should have about one years salary saved before quitting and going full force with the new venture. This is not realistic for a lot of people and for various reasons you may need to keep the steady income or benefits of your day job while launching your startup. While this can be tricky, staying organized is key to juggling both.Free Keep Balance

John Rampton of Entrepreneur describes some strategies to balance this equation in 5 Tips for Keeping Your Day Job While Launching Your Own Business.

  1. Consider your job in the right light – Remember that your job is helping you to achieve your goals by providing a steady income while you get on your feet.
  2. Plan your days well – Burning the candle on both ends will not work, You need to get enough sleep and not work excessively.. “It’s the little, consistent daily things you do that add up to make or break a startup” says Rampton.   Stay focused and avoid distractions  on both your startup and job.
  3. Maximize your time Consider the number of hours needed for your job and add time for sleep and exercise.  Then budget your remaining hours for your new venture.

To see all of the five tips, please read the entire article here.

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