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Monday – Good Day or Bad?

You just had a great weekend and now it’s Monday morning and to some that already implies a bad day.  Many of us will have something happen to us early in the day, whether it’s bad traffic on the way … Continue reading

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14 Creative Ways to Stay Focused & Productive

Staying focused can be such a challenge.  Day after day you must persevere but sometimes little tricks can help you get started or stay organized.  One of my “go to” tools is to tell myself I’m just going to start … Continue reading

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Is Your Product Ready for Market?

Over the last month, the Gwinnett Innovation Park – Nspire companies have been giving updates on the status of their products.  Some of the Nspire companies are in the beta stage while others have already launched.  One of the major … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs – What If You’re Not CEO Material?

This is one of the tough questions of creating a start-up.  This article on Inc.com by David Cohen offers good questions that each founder should be asking themselves about being the CEO of their own startup company. It’s your company–the product of … Continue reading

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Sometimes, the Best Way to Improve Something is to Begin Again

This article about starting over, especially when it’s regarding your top-selling product, was very interesting. Living in Atlanta I remember the disaster called New Coke and anyone on Facebook has seen the outrage that occurs every time Facebook makes a change. Saying that, I have tried … Continue reading

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Inc Magazine: 11 Big Ideas to Watch in 2011

Sometimes it seems like technology is changing so fast. When I think back 20 years ago, I can’t believe we didn’t have some of the items that are now such a big part of my daily life.  I’m dating myself … Continue reading

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Small Business Develoment Center at Georgia State ranks in top 10

The SBDC at Georgia State University has helped hundreds of small business owners become better managers. An SBDC That Excels at Leadership Training By Lou Dubois |  @lou_dubois   | Feb 22, 2011 Keith Hadley Every business owner aspires to become … Continue reading

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How to Manage a One-Person Sales Force

Here are 10 great tips on maximizing your one-person sales force that I found on INC.com.  Follow these tips and you may find yourself managing a full sales force somewhere down the line. To see the full article by Donna … Continue reading

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Your Daily e-Inspiration – StartUpQuote.com

Are you an entrepreneur who likes a good quote to start your day! Now you can start your day with advice from the likes of Steve Jobs, Larry page, Fred Wilson as well as the newest entrepreneurs to make it big like Peter Shankman. Check out StartUpQuote.com and this article in Inc.com. Continue reading

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How to Use Google to Improve Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Anytime someone wants to find a business, a fact or product information, they most likely Google it either on their computer or smartphone.  A majority of people don’t go past the first two pages of results from their search, therefore search … Continue reading

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