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Stretch Your Small Biz Budget

As a small business owner, there are always things that you need to purchase for your company. Keeping up with what you need and getting the most for your money can help stretch your budget.  Margot Carmichael Lester with Staples recently … Continue reading

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Delegate, Delegate, Delegate and Grow Your Business

Many small business owners think the secret to growing a small business is to work long hard hours day after day.  Actually, the best way to growing your business is the reverse. Delegating work to others in the business is … Continue reading

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Impact of The Internet Sales Tax

The Internet Sales Tax, also known as The Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) would require online retailers to collect sales tax from customers in states where the retailer has no substantial physical presence and remit them to each customer’s state.  There is … Continue reading

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Plan Tax Strategies For Next Year

April 15th has passed but it’s not too soon to start planning for next years taxes.  Jeff Haden of Inc, recently outlined in How to Make Next Tax Season Less Painful strategies to take now and avoid the stress of tax season. … Continue reading

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Easy Referrals For Your Small Business

How does your small business get referrals?  Many entrepreneurs say their new customers come through word of mouth. It is important to understand how that happens and where they come from. Positive word of mouth referrals come from having a … Continue reading

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Need A Small-Business Attorney?

If you think your Small Business may need an attorney, you’ll want someone who is a good fit for your business.   Jane Porter of Entrepreneur Magazine describes in 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Small-Business Attorney some important questions … Continue reading

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Should Your Small Business Incorporate?

When startups begin they are often a sole proprietorship. Essentially the owner(s) and the business are the same. If a business changes from sole proprietorship to either a corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) there are certain benefits for … Continue reading

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Friendly States for New Start-UP Businesses? (Infographic)

Did you know that Georgia has an “A” rating for launching a Start-up Business? Entrepreneur Magazine recently posted the results of a nationwide survey What State Is Best for Small Business? (Infographic).  The survey consisted of over 6,000 small business owners and questioned … Continue reading

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How Does Your SMB Compare on Social Media Spending? (Infographic)

How much time and money do you spend on social media?  Are you Facebook only or has Pinterest and LinkedIn grabbed your attention?  The following infographic by vertical response.com recaps a survey of 462 SMB and their social media use. … Continue reading

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